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Some movies are all steak and no sizzle, sad to tell you. We have a theory: Awesome Trailer = Awful Movie. And by our math, this formula is correct about 92% of the time. So here is our salute to the pitfalls of movie marketing!


It’s the campaigns that got us excited to see a film opening weekend. And how most of these ended up being giant disappointments, along with the few rare times we hit the Awesome Trailer/Awesome Movie jackpot! Plus a few we totally knew would suck but we went anyway!


We aren’t mad at the hype machine so much as mad at ourselves for always taking the slick, glossy, technicolor packaging at face value. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 100 times, we’ll likely go see the next movie anyway because we are suckers who never learn.


Summer of '86

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