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Strap in for some pure escapist fun, because we’re celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Rocketeer!


Based on a popular indie comic, The Rocketeer is basically Indiana Jones Meets Iron Man done as an earnest, cynicism-free homage to the 1930’s movie adventure serials of yesteryear. Put out by Disney, this was supposed to be the start of a big franchise.


Sadly, it landed with a mild thud amid some very stiff competition in the summer of 1991. Which is too bad, really, because The Rocketeer is flippin’ awesome fun, kids. A zippy-fast joyride that doesn’t wear out its welcome, this near-perfect summer popcorn flick is best known now as the audition reel that landed director Joe Johnston the gig for Captain America: The First Avenger. And it is one of our favorite movies from any era. So say all of us!

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