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Episode 208 - Why Is

Christmas vacation a holiday classic?


Merry Christmas, $h!tter was full!


In 1989 the Griswolds returned for another attempt to put Vacation lightning back into a smaller bottle, and the results were… shall we say, uneven?


The holidays are the backdrop for a family gathering of epic comic mayhem, or so the National Lampoon gang would lead us to believe. Instead, we got a slew of PG-13 dad jokes, Chevy Chase pratfalls, and the return of Cousin Eddie so we can laugh at all them poor, dumb rednecks who gots no class.


Over the last 30+ years this movie has clawed its way into the must-see Christmas Movie Classics Pantheon, and we just don’t get it. Yup, here is our (probably unpopular) hot take on one of the true slogs of the season, Christmas Vacation. If you love it, great! If you don’t, welcome aboard fellow Grinches!


Happy Holidays to you all!


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