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In lieu of our annual Thanksgiving extravaganza podcast, this year we instead watched the 1982 Ozsploitation cult classic, Turkey Shoot. Because it has the word ‘turkey’ in the title.


None of the MagHuge crew had ever seen it before, so this was a true adventure into the unknown for us. How bad could a grindhouse movie set in a dystopian future where rich 1%-ers hunt political prisoners for sport be? It’s stuffed to the rafters with gratuitous nudity and over-the-top violence, which always equals production value in our book.


It also has some of the nuttiest Running Man-meets-Braddock vibes this side of that time we saw Chuck Norris dance the Running Man at a wedding we once crashed in Orlando. Or perhaps that was only a fever dream…


Regardless, Turkey Shoot is just the ticket to help us forget that we now live in a dystopian future where rich 1%-ers hunt us for sport. And boy howdy, it is a hoot! Happy Turkey Shoot Day 2020, errbody!

turkey shoot

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