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them wacky tv Neighbors

Every sitcom since the dawn of TV has a staple character known as The Wacky Neighbor. That annoying, nosy, or smart-alecky weirdo who bursts through the always-unlocked door with manic energy to deliver some quick exposition or a snarky one-liner before they make a hasty, pratfall-laced exit to uproarious canned laughter.


Every. Single. Time.


Which begs the question: Is a sitcom without a wacky neighbor even really a sitcom? Join us as we name as many of these classic characters as memory allows in a vain effort to get to the bottom of things. From Kramer to Urkel to Mrs. Kravitz and beyond, you won’t want to miss this deeply shallow dive into TV history made possible by a lifetime sitting blankly in front of the boob tube.

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